Optimum Employee Engagement!

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Summary of Services

Attracting and retaining good employees presents an ongoing challenge.

Research has shown time and again working in a collaborative team environment helps employees stay motivated, aligned, efficient and productive.

Our company, Team Trust, proposes a business simulation game which is a team building experience with a debrief to provide feedback.

The Search For The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

Debriefing provides the real gold for our clients. Participants furnish actionable information that flows from the event's Key Performance Indicators.

Event Key Performance Indicators include:
• Strategic Thinking
• Decision Making
• Problem Solving
• Resource Analysis
• Time Management
• Teamwork
• Leadership

Potential Intended Outcomes
• Increased retention rate
• Drop in absenteeism
• Shorter turnaround time in decision making
• Higher productivity
• Increased alignment to mission and goals
• Greater collaboration

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Search For the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - Client Testimonials


Lost Dutchman's Gold
Mine Event

Dutchman is an energetic, fast-paced exercise with visual and kinesthetic learning aspects making it an ideal tool for all kinds of organizations and groups. The real gold of the exercise is in its highly regarded, flexible Debriefing that demonstrates to participants how their game play affected the ROI or outcome and adeptly links this to real workplace behaviors and issues.



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