Whatcom Land Title chose to participate in this activity by Team Trust as a fun opportunity for the company’s Management Team to see how well they work together.  Many walked in skeptics but walked away with a deeper understanding of how important working together as a team can be.   We hope to have the rest of our staff complete this exercise in the near future and believe it will be a time of great personal growth for our company.  Allison Mack | HR Manager/Accounting Support

We employ 72 people and the entire staff participated in the Team Trust event. One staff member had this comment: “I had a lot of fun and learned something too!”  I think this perfectly sums up our experience.  Our staff was able to laugh, have fun and engage in a meaningful way with this event.  Ron is easy to work with and is an understanding discussion leader.  The lessons learned through this day will only improve our staff’s communication, teamwork and the manner in which we relate to one another.  Well worth the price!

Bill Ronhaar - President at Whatcom Land Title Company, Inc.



I wanted you to know how much my employees enjoyed the Team Trust Workshop.

The 36 shift managers, general managers and area supervisors continue to talk about “mining the gold,” preserving resources and collaborative teamwork.

The lost Dutchman’s mine exercise was a fun way to relate the importance of teamwork in achieving goals. We have related the game objectives to our company goals and continue to reference the workshop team’s results to store management team results.

The game was a fun way to deliver the key message of teamwork. The employees enjoyed the workshop as an alternative to our usual meetings of “number crunching”.

Thank you for a job well done. 
Jim Campbell Owner/Operator


I really enjoyed the Team Trust event that was sponsored recently by my company. My team liked the engagement and communication that was created from our journey through the Superstition Mountains and trying to hit our goals. The open discussion at the end of the journey linked the fun to now achieving real world goals and business results.

Thank you,

Jason Cory

General Manager  


The entire Cesco Solutions team really enjoyed the team building exercise that Team Trust employed during our January company meeting.  Like all team activities, some of our employees were skeptical at first.  Once we began playing the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine, everyone lost their inhibitions and quickly focused on the task of gathering as much gold as they could for their team.  I won’t share the punchline, but the fact remains that the Team Trust event awakened our entire company to the fact we are all working together for the same goal(s).   This breakthrough moment for our organization has carried forward and it was a real pleasure to see our most revered skeptic running around the production floor the next day with his cowboy hat and saying “howdy you all!”  Much thanks to Team Trust for a great event and I would encourage other managers to consider utilizing the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine as a means to improve collaboration and communication within their own organization.

Most respectfully,
Karl Larsen, President