Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

What's this all about?


The Search For The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine is a business simulation in the form of a game along with a debrief. Key areas addressed by the simulation are: Leadership - Decision Making - Time Management - Allocation of Resources - Strategic Planning - Collaboration - Clarification of Assumptions - Managing the Unexpected - Alignment to Mission and Goals – Adaptability.
Afterwards we will discuss the experience and ask the participants to correlate  it to the company work environment.

Improvement in communication, collaboration and trust will have tangible benefits.
•    Reduction of workplace stress.
•    Reduction of turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism thereby reducing costs in both time and money.
•    Increased productivity.

Practical Details

  • Maximum Number of Participants per Workshop: 18
  • Participants in random groups of 6/table 
  • We supply everything needed to play LDGM

  • Client provides venue, video projector, screen, mics and sound system plus travel, lodging and stay costs when applicable


Requesting an Event

  • Use the form on our Request Event page
  • Give us the practical details such as the date, time and number of participants.
  • We will check our calendar for availability and whether or not we will need an alternate date/time.